Tutorial on the themes of ethnobotany, Tarot, and storytelling

We are joined by Paola Orlic and Claud Biemans at FoAM Brussels for an afternoon's tutorial on the themes of ethnobotany, Tarot, and storytelling. Paola has made a remarkable and exquisite compendium of the history, iconography, symbolism, archetypes, and botanical associations of the Tarot cards, replete with illustrations and samples of Tarot artwork through the ages. Meticulously researched, each card that constitutes the canonical Major Arcana is discussed in turn in all its rich multidimensionality. Guided by Paola, we will explore this remarkable material, looking especially at the tales entangled in the occult and ritual symbolism, esoteric lore, and abiding viridian meditations surrounding both Tarot and botany.

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Brussels, BE
FoAM - Brussels